About The Māori Macron Restoration Service

The Māori Macron Restoration Service is a free service that automatically adds macrons to Māori documents. The service supports restoration of Microsoft Word 2007 documents, Open Office Text documents and text files. The service also supports restoration via direct input.


In written Māori, a macron is the horizontal bar positioned above a long-vowel, indicating the correct pronunciation of the vowel. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many Māori texts found on the web are not written using macrons. As a consequence, the pronunciation of the vowel is generally indicated by introducing a second vowel or not indicated at all.

In written Māori, this poses several problems such as the loss of phonological, morphological and lexical information. In verbal Māori, this poses a potential problem of an embarrassing slip of the tongue. This service solves these problems by automatically adding macrons to Māori documents.

This service was funded by Ngā Pae O Te Māramatanga as part of the research related to the digitalization of the Pei Jones collection, and was developed at the University of Waikato.

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