Preliminary Notes for Doreen Wilkinson

Born Scotland, 1938.

Remembers queuing for rationed goods eg. sugar. No butter, only powered egg.

Recalls blackouts, taking her gas mask wherever she went, gas mask designed like a Donald Duck face to be less scary for kids.

Father had been out to NZ in the 1920s and brought the family out in 1946.

Sailed on the `Dominion Monarch'.

Lived at Pukemiro Junction, near Huntly, father was a mine deputy.

Moved to Rotowaro, 7 miles out of Huntly. Named `Jo Jo' town after an old Maori local.

Attended Rotowaro School, Mr Nobbs headmaster.

Remembers school fairs, `bring and buys', concerts put on by the Women's Institute every year.

No flush toilets, night cart man came round to empty the tins from under the house.

Town Guy Fawkes nights.

Went to the pictures Weds and Sat nights.

Went to Sunday School, Bible Class, singing and violin (travelled into Huntly on the train Sat).

Went to Huntly District High School, in orchestra and choir.

Went to `grown up' dances from 14 on, end at midnight, held at Rotowaro Hall on Sat nights. Dances at other small towns.

Leech's band.

Walked or biked everywhere, Waihi lake for picnics, lots of visiting and visitors, card games, board games.

Trips to Rotorua, Taupo, Waingaro Springs.

Swimming in waterfall on farmland.

Life focused around school, fundraising, dancing.

Enjoyed swimming, played basketball, rompers for PE.

Boys at High School did cadet training instead of PE.

CMT for boys aged 18, 6 weeks, `just in case', Hopuhopu.

Worked in Farmers Trading Co. aged 15/16, then drapery in Huntly for a few months at 2 pounds 12&3 a week.

Nurse aide aged 16 at Huntly Maternity Hospital, strip and make a bed in 3 minutes by yourself.







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