Themes for Questions - Dorrie Caitcheon


Dorrie Caitcheon



- Date of Birth

- Number of brothers and sisters in family

- Parents occupation

- Area of Hamilton lived in


a. Locality

- rural or urban experience

- relationship of suburb to city/ centre of activity?

- transport around town/means of travel


b. Homelife

- Responsibilities to family

- Relationships with parents and siblings

- How did your father's occupation effect your homelife?

- Importance of religion

- friends

- similar experience to most young people?

- Holidays

- where?

- means of getting there

- Extended family

- Food/drink

- what was considered a treat?

- what was something that you remember was rarely eaten/drank

- Health

- home remedies or a doctor?

- How did World War Two effect your homelife?

- brothers going overseas


c. Education

- Secondary school attended

- Liked/disliked school?

- School activities

- sports

- drama

- clubs

- Friends

- social circle?

- Ambitions at highschool

- fulfilled?


d. Entertainment and Socialising

- Amount of spare time

- What sorts of things did you do in your spare time?

- dances, music, theatre, movies, concerts, picnics

- Ngaruawhahia Regatta

- Going down town on a Friday night

- what was considered a fashionable outfit when you were a teenager?

- Teenage idols; discussion among friends

- Importance of radio and film

- first radio broadcast in Hamilton

- Reading; books, magazines, comics

- How much dating did you do?

- parents attitude

- Effect World War Two had on dating

- American troops in Hamilton

- Involvement in any voluntary organisation for the war effort


e. Employment

- First job

- part time/full time

- Working conditions

- Workmates

- Clubs and sporting activities

- Effect of World War Two on employment


f. Awareness of Issues

- local events

- Fairfield Bridge (37)

- Garden Place Hill (39)

- public figures; local, national, international

- Caro, Hilda Ross

- Savage

- Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini

- Importance of politics

- attitude of other young people

- Race relations

- were there many Maori families living in your area?

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