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Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit


The idea behind the toolkit is that we take a picture, below we take cove.png, and insert into it a message by changing the colours of the pixels slightly. Because the changes made are so small, it's hard for the human eye to see the difference. Because of the way the algorithms hide it, it should be hard for a computer to tell the difference too. Benchmarking is provided in the tool to prove this is the case.

Shown below are examples of each algorithm run using the 4 least significant bits of the colour information, and embedding exactly the same file. If you save the pictures to your hard drive they will be a little bit bigger than what you see below. Please be patient as this page may take a while to load.

Note: Each of the stego-images below and hiding maps are produced using the "encode" and "simulate" portions of DIIT, respectively.

Untouched cove.png
Hiding Maps
BattleSteg (Laplace filter)
BattleSteg (Sobel filter)
Hide and Seek
FilterFirst (Laplace filter)
FilterFirst (Sobel filter)


(c) K. Hempstalk
University of Waikato, 2005